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Meet the Englishlink Team

Englishlink has been created by English teachers who love teaching. We have all enjoyed our years in the classroom and want to share our knowledge with you. We are dealing with people and education - what could be more fun!

Englishlink looks after each student's needs. Learning another language is not easy. You must be motivated and work hard. As you complete the courses at your own speed, you will have support and encouragement from our teachers.

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Manager and teacher

Lesley, who is Canadian, holds a 4-year BA in politics and anthropology from the University of Toronto, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. She also has the Cambridge University Certificate of Teaching English to Adults (CELTA) and has taught English in Canada, Korea, and Australia. She enjoys visiting new countries, practicing yoga, and studying French and Spanish.

Content manager and teacher

Constance, who is American, has a BA in Psychology from The University of California, Santa Cruz and the RSA Certificate from Cambridge University External Examinations Syndicate. She has 10 years teaching experience in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Australia. In addition, she has 3 years experience in instructional design, content development and EFL materials writing. Constance enjoys traveling and walking her dog.

Content Editors

Academic advisor and content editor

Gareth, who is British, holds a BA (Hons) degree, a University of Cambridge CTEFLA and Dip TEFLA. Since 1993 he has worked as a teacher, senior teacher, syllabus writer and teacher-trainer in the UK, Greece, Italy, Bahrain, Australia and China. Gareth has worked in teacher-training and syllabus development since 2000. Outside of the training room, Gareth likes gardening, eating out, sports and films.

Content editor

Tom, who is Irish, has been in the TESOL industry for fifteen years. In that time he has been a teacher, manager, teacher-trainer and writer in a number of countries including Spain, England and Japan. He currently lives in Brisbane where he is a teacher-trainer at the University of Queensland. Tom enjoys traveling and reading.

Video Production

Video producer and editor

Jamie has both a Certificate and Diploma in Multimedia. Since gaining these, he has pursued a career as a multimedia producer in Sydney. He is also involved in the Multimedia industry in other ways, mainly in Flash animation and website design. In his free time, he loves to read, watch movies, and get outdoors.

Video producer and editor

Jared has been working in film and media for 5 years. In this time, he has worked as an editor/videographer on various videos, short films and music video clips. More recently Jared has moved into writing, directing and producing short films and music videos. Alongside all of this he is a trained, working actor in film, television and theatre.

Video producer and editor

Sarah has worked and trained as a multimedia producer in both Sydney and London working on websites in corporate, news and entertainment industries. She currently lives and works in London, most recently working for the BBC in their interactive division. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, music, and scuba diving.

Video producer and editor

Bret has a BA in Television Production and Multimedia Design and Application. He has been working in the film and television industry for 6 years and has worked on television programs such as Big Brother. In his spare time, Brett enjoys making short films, playing in bands and relaxing with quality movies, games and literature.



Nyree studied art and education at the University of New South Wales and is now a high school art teacher. She taught English in South Korea and has traveled to many places in the world. Nyree enjoys painting, learning German, cooking and hiking.