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Feedback from our English students around the World


Englishlink has beginner to advanced English-speaking students and visitors from over 200 countries. Below, some of our general and business English students share their experiences and opinions about learning English online with us. Thank you all for your kind words. Would you like to share your opinion about Englishlink? Please email us with your comments and a photo!

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"I am from Egypt and I am a captain with the United Nations Mission in the Sudan. I work with many nationalities, and the language we all speak in is English, so I really need to improve my skills. I am very happy to study your lessons."



"I have just finished the first Business lesson. It was great. I learned interesting information for me. I'd like to say you that studying pronunciation is so good and useful. I enjoy watching your educational videos. While I was watching them I had a good mood and I didn't feel fear of the studying English. Thank you very much."


"Englishlink has a really help me improve my English. From your first unit, you'll see the same difference I have seen. I really appreciate the Englishlink team."



"I never thought that studying online could be worthwhile - until Englishlink. The lessons are presented so that each one is interesting, and easy to follow. The lessons do not feel rushed - you can study at your own speed. The teachers speak with clear accents, and you can e-mail them if you have any questions about your lessons."


"I'm an International Business professional, so I need to improve my English skills because I communicate with people from different countries around the world, and learning English makes this much easier. I  chose to study with Englishlink because I don't have a lot of time to study, and I like being able to study when I want. I like Englishlink because the teachers speak very well and the lessons make it easy to learn!"



"I am studying a Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering in Norway, and I work for an oil company in Angola, so learning English has made it much easier. Learning English is the key to meeting people from all over the world."


"I am a 36 year from Haiti. Nowadays, English is the international language, so learning English is really important to me."



"Thanks to, I am starting to understand native speakers more easily, and my speaking is becoming more accurate and clear. I really like the lessons and I hope I can inspire everyone to study with Englishlink."


"I have been an English teacher in Tajikistan for 7 years. I watched the Free Lesson and it was the first time I have seen a video lesson. It was so easy to follow. The teacher speaks so slowly and clearly that even a child could understand. If someone follows your study material, he/she can learn English easily, without facing any learning obstacles. As a teacher I can recommend this site to all English learners around the world. Thank you very much for your support and effort."



"I'm very proud to be a part of the Englishlink community. I'm pleased because this website helps me much for my English. I've already learn english before but I've forgotten there is Englishlink, and I think that this will help me to improve my English because I like this language, my dream that one day I can speak English very well!!! I want especially give thanks to all, you teachers...You do something so good for us, thank u so much!!!"

The Philippines

"Englishlink is so helpful. It's broadening my knowledge, skills, and grammar. I'm thankful that I've found Englishlink."


The Philippines

"Englishlink is helping me to develop my communication skills. It's improving my confidence and helping me speak more fluently. My writing is also getting better."

The Philippines

"Englishlink really helps me improve my English skills. I'm glad I became one of your students!"


Fred Randolph
The Philippines

"I am very thankful for the opportunity that Englishlink had given me. It helps me a lot with my grammar proficiency. I hope you can still help some people with free English training. It was also very interactive even online this was still a virtual trainer. And it was fun."

The Philippines

"With Englishlink I'm beginning to understand some areas in grammar I get confused"


The Philippines

"Thank you for your excellent English class."


"I would like to say deeply thanks for your most interesting lessons. I have learned a lot."



"I feel comfortable when I learn. Englishlink makes me improve my pronunciation. Thank you!"


"I have just finished the elementary unit 1 lessons. It was very good, I learned pronunciation, words, reading, conversation, listening, great information, and more other things. I also told my many friend about Englishlink, I hope they follow Englishlink lessons."



"Thanks for your help!"

Dr. Hamidi

"Your link is very important for me."


Marc Henry

"Thank you for your support. It will be very exciting for me to continue doing the best that as I can."


"Thanks Englishlink!"



"I thank you for the lessons you have done for me."


"I would like to expressing my thanks to all of you that helping me to improve my English skills. I'm really happy with what that I have done."



"I never knew I can find a way to speak english so easily. I love Englishlink. I certify that Englishlink helps me very much. I'll never be afraid to speak English anymore.."


"I am very happy to have the site to study English, and learn how to express myself through the world,. I'll never stop giving my thanks to the team."



"Your work seems to be precise and up-to-date. I enjoy your lessons, specially for their interactiveness!"


"Hi, thank you very much. I find this website very excellent, and useful to me as an English teacher. It helps me a lot to improve my English skills - and become a better teacher. I am very excited to begin Unit 2 of Intermediate - thank you so much!"



"I learn a lot from your program. Your teaching pronunciation is very helpful for learning English. In addition to that, your communication is so nice. I am improving English through Englishlink. Long live Englishlink."


"I would like to thank you for teaching me the English language. Honestly, two years ago I could not speak correctly because my English vocabulary was so poor, now Englishlink gives me a great opportunity to improve my pronunciation and so on. I suggest that everyone to do the same because Englishlink is the best course around the world."



"I am really happy and I will keep the lessons going on. It is very dood for all the people and also helping us. I am thanksful from my good teacher and from all the team who are working together in this project."


"Today I'm very happy to finish my Elementary unit 1 lessons and thank you for my certificate. Thanks from my kind teacher, Lesley."



"Thanks for all that I have learned from you. There are so much good to say about the is the best English learning course for anyone who wants to learn precise English. It has very good, qualified and humorous teachers. The step by step good learning procedure of the course, hard work, and patience of the teacher are the main points that I can mention. I enjoyed it very much and will guide a lot of people to"


"I found the lessons helpful and I learnt many things. I want to continue learning English from your site."



"I really love this link. I have currently finished Elementary English and I am going to start Intermediate English."


Miguel Philippines "I feel like I control the process. I can listen again if I miss something."
Ly Vietnam "I feel I can really improve my skills."
Rie Japan

"If we miss something the teacher says, we can listen again and again. This means everything is clear in the end."

Frances South Korea "It's easy to understand, and practice speaking"
Glen Philippines This is a very nice site for those who would want to improve in the English language. I am thankful that there is a site such as this. You have done such wonderful job on this site. I hope you continue to share your expertise on the field of English.
Elena Russia "Good to see body language."
Eric China "I think this school is excellent!"
Sonia Czech Republic "I think it is a very good idea. You have contact with a 'real' teacher. The good thing is you can learn pronunciation which you usually can't do when you self-study. You can also do the lessons while you are travelling."
Marcelo Brazil "We can study anytime we want."
Mitsuko Japan "Lesley's English is so easy to understand! Wonderful!"
Hilda Colombia The teacher's pronunciation is really good and you can see her mouth moving. That is very important when learning English."
Disaya Thailand "I can improve my listening, grammar, and vocabulary. The teacher is a good speaker."
Mila Czech Republic "In my opinion, it is all very well done, and very educational."
Louisa Italy "Great to watch the teacher's mouth."
Aruna India "This is very interesting and convenient. It is a good way to study for people who are shy."
Renee Germany "Creative way of learning without attending classes with fixed timetables. You can decide when you want to learn and for how long."
Anna Slovenia "Grammar topics are clearly explained with examples."
Pierre France "I am impressed that I feel the teacher was always near me. It is also very friendly."
Huy Vietnam "I like so much. Thank you for creating this website."
Deepa Sri Lanka "The teachers are excellent...and teaching materials and teaching method are also good."
Miline Mauritius "Your lessons give me confidence to speak and to express myself in English. Next year, I'll be moving to Canada and hopefully I'll be able to speak and express well. Keep it up and I'm continuing my lessons."
Phillipe Haiti "I am very happy to follow Englishlink and thanks for your learning on website. It lets me learn English during my free time, specially after my work."
Sidra Pakistan "I'm really proud to be the student of Englishlink. Thank you very much."
Liliane Haiti "I want to tell you how much I'm very happy to learn with I also want to thank my first teacher in elementary class, Ms Lesley. It's for the first time I find a site interesting to learn English easily."
William Colombia "I really feel very happy with this program, because i have learnt a lot of from this units, i have enjoyed all Englishlink, and it has been helpful for me because it has pdf activities, therefore this activities i can use for my classes."
Mohammad Afghanistan "Many thanks for your good system. I’m so happy I can find your Englishlink website because I want to improve my knowledge and it’s a good way for me."
Fatima Morocco "I'm very happy because I found your website , it really help me specially in the pronunciation . Thanks my teacher Lesley and every person who works in the Englishlink."
Atmane Algeria "I appreciate a lot your site Englishlink. I encourage you to continue for this way. Yours lessons are the great important for me, because its allow me to improve my English level."
Junior Haiti "I have just finished Elementary Unit 1, and tt helps me to improve my English skills. Thank you very much."
Moataz Egypt "I am very proud to be an Englishlink student because that help me to improve my pronunciation and good capacity to explain myself. Thank you a lot for your help to all people around the world."
Abdullahi Somalia "I have successfully completed my course. My English is improved in every aspect, because everything was clearly explained and emphasized. Thank you for your helping me."
Jawad Afghanistan "Thanks for your English lessons, it is very helpful for me. I want all persons that see my comment on to use these lessons and improve their English."
Michael Haiti "I want to congratulate you for this course. You teach very well!"
Liliane Haiti "I want to tell you how much I'm very happy to learn with I also want to thank my first teacher in elementary class, Ms Lesley. It's for the first time I find a site interesting to learn English easily."
Nerlande Haiti "Thanks for your help in English language. It was difficult to remember grammar, vocabulary, words but I have successfully completed it. I'll continue with the next unit. Thanks a lot."