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What English skills will I develop?




All English learners want to speak English fluently and clearly. For most people, speaking is the most difficult skill to improve. Unless you are living in an English-speaking country, you are not communicating with, and learning from, native speakers day-to-day. Englishlink will change that!

Our qualified and experienced Canadian and American English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers demonstrate and model language in a natural way. Through clear explanations, repetition, and many practice activities, your speaking ability improves quickly. You also learn to use body language correctly, an important part of effective communication. After only one Unit, your confidence will improve and you will begin to speak English more naturally.




"I now enjoy speaking to the hotel guests in English."
Pedro, Colombia





We all have an accent when we speak - yours might be Chinese or Spanish. Your accent is part of your personality, and most of you will always have an accent when you speak English - there is nothing wrong with that!

However, making English sounds correctly and clearly is very important.

Throughout your lessons, your teachers demonstrate, model, and explain how to create English sounds correctly. These sounds help you pronounce words more clearly, and increase your confidence.



"I don't have to repeat things 3 times anymore."
Ming, Taiwan




Listening is a communication skill that needs a lot of practice.

Englishlink teaches you how to listen for main ideas and specific information - very important in the workplace, when writing an English exam like IELTS or TOEIC, or while studying.

Your teacher presents conversations that take place in different situations, using different accents, and different types of vocabulary. You can listen to the conversations over and over - helping you understand perfectly.

In addition to the conversations, you are listening to your native speaker English teacher throughout every lesson, so we know your listening skills will improve quickly!



"When I hear people with different accents
it is easier for me to understand now."
Paolo, Italy




Reading street signs, menus, e-mails, or the newspaper are important for day-to-day life, but many English courses do not focus on developing reading skills.

At Englishlink, we know the importance of reading and comprehension. We teach you how to read in English for general and specific information.

By using a variety of authentic materials, your teacher develops your ability to read for purpose.

You will soon be able to identify information quickly and clearly – making reading in English useful and easy.



"I know how to read an English menu when I travel."
Emad, Syria




We know...most of you don't like studying grammar! However, grammar is the skeleton of the English language. It pulls the language together.

Your Englishlink lessons use grammar from your reading and listening activities, so you see it used in action before your teacher explains how and when to use it.

She then gives you a lot of examples and practice to build and develop your grammar knowledge.

Remember… if you self- correct a grammar mistake 3 times, you generally will not make it again!





"I finally understand how to use the present perfect."
Aleksandra, Russia




Like grammar, vocabulary is a foundation of the English language.

The Oxford English dictionary has approximately 600,000 definitions. We will never say that English is easy!

Your Englishlink lessons use themes from everyday life to present new English vocabulary. For example, in one lesson you may study language for answering the phone, while in another lesson you might learn vocabulary for shopping in the supermarket.

We guarantee your vocabulary will develop quickly.



"I enjoy learning new words during my lessons.
Seeing the words in the right situation makes it easier."
Durko, Czech Republic

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