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Intermediate English courses to start learning English

Intermediate English

 In Intermediate Unit 1, you will learn to:

  • talk about permanent and temporary situations using present simple and continuous
  • use present continuous
  • talk about future arrangements
  • use new vocabulary to talk about government policies
  • review past simple and continuous
  • learn to describe people and things using ing/ed adjectives
  • learn to use articles a, an, and the
  • review this, that, these, those
  • learn about negative comparatives using isn't
  • talk about big and small differences using just a bit, slightly, much, and a lot
  • ask for, give, and receive directions politely
  • talk about your life using used to, still and not anymore
  • talk about quantity using a few, a lot of, much, many, a little, a bit of
  • pronounce difficult vowel and consonant sounds
  • stress words correctly
  • use intonation to sound polite





  • Begin to study with Lesson 1.
  • Follow the lessons in the correct order to get the most benefits from your online English training.
  • The next lesson will activate automatically as soon as you have finished with the previous lesson.


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Lesson 5 Review Lesson
Lesson 6 Test Center*

* Test Center: will be available after you have completed all your lessons.