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Intermediate English

 In Intermediate Unit 5 , you will learn to:

  • use new adjectives to describe food
  • give formal and informal opinions
  • express agreement and disagreement practice agreeing or disagreeing
  • use new vocabulary to describe stages of life
  • use the future continuous
  • use future perfect to describe actions that will already be completed by a specific time in the future
  • describe people with the suffixes -er, -or and -ist
  • use question tags to confirm information or ask questions
  • recognize verbs and nouns that go together
  • use words for music
  • make suggestions
  • use new vocabulary to rent a house or apartment
  • use verb patterns with the prepositions for and about
  • learn new words to talk about services and tradespeople
  • use have something done to arrange for someone else to do something for us
  • talk about customer service
  • make polite requests
  • stress words correctly
  • use intonation to correctly
  • pronounce difficult sounds





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  • The next lesson will activate automatically as soon as you have finished with the previous lesson.


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