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Intermediate English

 In Intermediate Unit 6 , you will learn to:

  • use new vocabulary to talk about crime and criminals
  • use modals of speculation - may, might, could, must - to make guesses about present and past situations
  • express regret with should have talk about childhood with common phrasal verbs
  • use the suffixes -hood, -ish, and -less to make nouns and adjectives
  • describe mishaps using common verbs and nouns that go together
  • use the 3rd conditional to talk about imaginary past situations
  • describe people's personalities using some new adjectives
  • talk about past wishes using I wish + past perfect
  • review relative pronouns - that, which, who, when, where, those
  • make sentences with defining relative clauses using that, which, who, when, where, whose
  • talk about inventions
  • add extra information to sentences
  • use non-defining relative clauses
  • use cleft sentences to make what you say stronger to emphasize what you say
  • describe geographical features
  • contract speech to sound natural
  • stress words in sentences
  • use intonation correctly





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  • Follow the lessons in the correct order to get the most benefits from your online English training.
  • The next lesson will activate automatically as soon as you have finished with the previous lesson.


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