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Learn English in English classes with expert Canadian and American teachers

Steps to learning English online

Placement Test


Beginning your online English lessons with your expert English-speaking teacher is easy! You begin with the special Englishlink Placement Test.

The English Test takes approximately 45 minutes, and assesses your listening & reading skills, and measures your grammar & vocabulary knowledge. The test result tells us the perfect level of study for you!

When you have completed your Placement Test, we email you your login information to begin learning English!

You can choose to study General English or Business English - in the best Unit for your skill level. Remember…we have 242 hours of lessons, but where you begin is based on your English knowledge level.

Doing Your Lessons

During 1 Unit of Study, you will complete

  • 10 x 1-hour Video Lessons
  • 1 x 1-hour Video Review Lesson

We have no timetables, so you can take all the time you need for you English classes. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete a lesson, but one student might need 45 minutes, and another student might need 1.5 is your decision how much time you take! You can study your lessons at any time of the day or night; from any computer with broadband access. You can even study when you travel!

During each English lesson, you can 'rewind' your teacher and listen again & again – so you never miss a point. You cannot do that in a traditional classroom!

Your English as a Second Language teacher constantly reviews and practices the grammar & vocabulary you have learned in earlier lessons; so you develop your knowledge of English, and increase your confidence quickly.

There is no time limit for your studies, but most Englishlink students finish a Unit in 1 month.

Build a Resource Library


During your lessons, you build a useful resource English library of 80 worksheets + grammar summaries and/or language summaries.

Each Englishlink lesson has between 5-8 worksheets that you print or save to use with your teacher during your online English lessons.

These develop into a resource library that you can use to review for your Final Unit Test, and to keep for future studies.

...and you have homework after every lesson!

Final Assessment


It is important to see the great improvements you are making in your English ability.

After you finish your 10 Lessons + the Review Lesson, you take and pass the Final Unit Test.  

The Test measures your knowledge of the grammar & vocabulary you have learned, and demonstrates your proficiency in listening & reading.

To move from one unit to the next, you must achieve 60% or better on the Test.



We all deserve rewards for hard work.

After you achieve 60% on the Final Unit Test, we will email you your Englishlink Certificate of Completion.

Attach the certificate to your resume or academic transcripts - so you can show employers what you have achieved in your English studying career.  This is an important step in your professional life.

Now you are ready to move to your next Unit of Study. Well done.


Your English is already improving, and you are getting closer to your goals!