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Upper-Intermediate English courses to start learning English

Upper-Intermediate English

 In Upper-Intermediate Unit 3, you will learn to:

  • talk about environmental issues
  • use linking words to discuss cause and effect
  • talk about activities and abstract ideas using gerunds
  • use common adjectives / verbs and prepositions that go together
  • describe personality characteristics using new adjectives
  • use suffixes to make nouns and adjectives
  • explain why you do things using infinitives of purpose
  • use common adjectives and nouns with infinitives
  • use verb patterns with 'to' and '-ing'
  • emphasize what you say using 'absolutely', 'completely', 'so' and 'really'
  • describe things using extreme adjectives
  • use zero, first, second and third conditionals
  • avoid saying the source of information using the passive + an infinitive
  • use common phrasal verbs and phrases with the word 'get'
  • use common slang
  • say you're unhappy about a present or past situation using 'I wish' and 'if only'
  • express annoyance or complain using 'wish + would'
  • apologize and accept apologies
  • use the words 'apologize', 'sorry' and 'forgive'





  • Begin to study with Lesson 1.
  • Follow the lessons in the correct order to get the most benefits from your online English training.
  • The next lesson will activate automatically as soon as you have finished with the previous lesson.


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